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Great Bear Resources

Andrew fist wrote a blog post about Great Bear Resources in
Nov 2018 when the stock was trading at

Today it trades at $17.00.

451% GAIN

You could have turned a $3000 investment into

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Tudor Gold

Andrew introduced his readers to Tudor Gold on April 3, 2019
while the stock was trading at $0.33.

As you can see in the chart below it quickly began to run.

Tudor Gold has hit highs of $4.00 and today trades at $3.61..

994% GAIN

An initial investment of $3000 would be worth over $36,000 today

Desert Mountain Energy TSXV: DME

Next winner

This stock is a game changer in an area you have no idea exists
but suffice to say it is being used in every
bit of information you are consuming.

This is an element in high demand, with low supply, the price is
rising and this company has just unearthed the richest
deposit ever discovered

Andrew’s first interview with the CEO of Desert Mountain Energy
was on April 28 while the stock was at

Today it trades at $1.58

485% GAIN

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